How does one re-enable vnc remote administration on sles 11 sp1

VNC was working, and now clients fail to connect.
UNVC reports connection failed

I used telnet to verify connection
on a working host
telnet host 5901 RETURNS RFB 003.007

on the failed host
it returns to the command prompt

i have tried rcxdm restart and it has not helped

the xinetd.log has the following entry for the failed attempt
11/11/30@08:24:36: START: vnc1 from=
11/11/30@08:24:36: EXIT: vnc1 status=1 duration=0(sec)

Xorg.0.log does not have any entries that indicate the problem

Yast >> remote administration reports firewall open on all ports
and restarts the service but still no access or response


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