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Thread: Support for SLES9

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    Support for SLES9

    Hi all,

    Is there any chance that Suse Manager can support SLES 9 (not listed on supported managed server list I know) ?
    Not at all / only for some features ... (Patching is the goal mainly)


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    Re: Support for SLES9

    If you mean officially support from SUSE, I'd bet the answer is 'no'. If
    you mean work with SLES 9 for patching regardless of official support from
    SUSE, I'm not sure. If it was SMT I'd guess it would work, but I know
    less about SUSE Manager. My understanding SMT is that it is similar to
    SUSE Manager in this repository function, and that it basically exposes
    repositories that it downloads acting as a registered SLES box, so in
    theory both sides shouldn't care much. With that said, SLES 9 is kind of
    old and SUSE Manager is kind of new and the devil is in the details.

    Good luck.

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    SUSE Manager officially supports maintained clients (== clients running an OS under SUSE maintenance) only.
    However, for bringing unmaintained clients (SLES 10 SP2 for example) to a maintained state (SLES 10 SP4 for example), we will help if this migration is guided by a SUSE Sales Engineer or a SUSE Partner.

    For SLES9, that's a completely different story since SUSE Manager was never ported to SLES9. Technically, it's probably possible but will require a fair amount of work.



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