Just thought I'd share. I work on home PC's on the side and from time to
time I tweak an older system to make it still viable for someone. Since
these are basic machines that usually came with some obsolete version of
Windows and no office suite licenses, and seeing how nobody seems to want
machines with Linux on it, I normally get it going and then stick Libre/Open
Office on it.

I have to say that without exception if I ever see the machine again it will
always have MS Office installed on it by the time it returns. What is the
mental block that people can't get their head around to using these
programs? I don't get it. It's not like these are 'power users' using these
machines, in fact, I'm surprised half of them know how to use Word. I guess
if they want to run out and spend the money that's their business, I just
think it's weird.