we've bought HP Probook 4540s that comes with SLED preinstalled.

However it doesn't seem there is a way to install any more programmes other than preinstalled ones. And we still need to add a few more. The repository is showing HP and UNREGISTERED. I am not quite sure if the user is supposed to only register or if any additional payment is required to install any other software. Surely the SLED repositories are not so small. besides it looks as if these repositories were local.

The thing is we need a few things and they don't seem to be easilly done in SLED. Such as AMD GPU proprietary drivers (not sure yet if they came preinstalled or not), Thunderbird, video codecs and Wine (for one MS programme). The older and stable packages are not an issue, but it would be nice to have an easy way for installing programmes (i know there is YaST btu as mentioned there are no repositories in it).

So how do we add official repositories and how do we install more applications, drivers etc.? Is there any registration code needed? Where do we get it?

Furthermore i take it version 12 will be out soon. Is the upgrade free or does one need to purchase it?