Hi there

I have been having problems with adding japanese language support on my

So far I have done the following:

1. Added Japanese as my secondary language using
yast2-->System-->Languages---> Primary Language set as English (US) and
Secondary language set as Japanese

2. Changed my Keyboard laytout using
yast2--->System--->Hardware---Keyboard Configuration--->Japanese

However, when I attempted to open files which I had scp'ed from windows
(ANSI and UTF-8 encoded files) with japanese characters in it, all I got
was garbled output:


my-mnag0:/tmp # cat jptest-utf8.txt
良い朝my-mnag0:/tmp # cat jptest.txt
oD0gmy-mnag0:/tmp #

I am not sure how to go on, I Googled and for most people it worked
after the keyboard layout was changed. Do I need to reboot for the
change to take affect?

So I am attempting to do these things:

1. System to be able to read Japanese language files
2. On the other hand, we have Nagios installed on this server and the
system's inability to read Japanese is causing the decade alerts emailed
to clients come out in garbled texts

Please help, I am kind of lost here.

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