I've got in trouble to boot my SLED11-SP3 with wingrub.

Originally I had my SLED10-SP4 installed without grub, but I have wingrub installed with XP to dual-boot my previous SLED10-SP4. After upgrading to SLED11-SP3 from harddisk, it is impossible to boot my new system. The wingrub program can still recoganize ext3 file system, but can't recoganize the files in the root partition any more.

The reason why I have wingrub is that I have my Thinkpad laptop without reinstallation CD for XP, only way is to use the pre-installed image from IBM hidden partition which requires that I should never absolutely modify MBR pre-installed. Otherwise, I'll loose the function to install my XP when necessary.

Does anyone knows how to get out of this problem?

Thanks and regards,