I don't see any difference. It looks like nothing changed. may due to the fact that I've secured the PHA(preinstalled Hidden Area) by BIOS to protect maloperation which my damage the functionality.

If it's true, then I am afraid to deactivate bios protection as this command is trying to modify something shouldn't happen.

I'm still willing to know the booting sequence if we deactivate sda1? how bios can detect how to handle booting operating system or restoration process?

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Can you run the fdisk command again;
fdisk -l /dev/sda
I'm guessing both sda1 and sda2 have an * by them. if so, run the fdisk
command again to de-activate sda1;
fdisk /dev/sda

Command (m for help): a
Partition number (1-10): 1
Command (m for help): w
Reboot and see how that goes.

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