Having an oddball problem. Have an HP dl380 G6 server using P410i Raid controller (standard issue for this system) and Qty. 6 600GB SAS Hot Plug drives (Seagate). OK, so I launch HP SmartStart and configure the drives for RAID 1+0 (and I tried this also by configuring for RAID 5) and create 3 logical drives. Now, when I boot with SLES 11 sp2 install media and start to setup the Linux partitions I want, a message pops up that says I cannot partition these logical drives but have to create a single mount point for each logical drive. This, to me, is not normal. I should be able to use one of these logical drives and then partition it for /boot, /var, and / partitions as I normally do. I have done this before with other HP servers. In this case, I really need the multiple logical drives because I want one of these logical drives to remain unpartitioned by Linux so that I can setup an NSS partition under OES. Is there something I am missing here? Thanks in advance for any insight.