I have a number of different SLES 10 machines in production, all with
SSH enabled. From any machine on the network I can SSH in just fine.
From one particular server, when I try to SSH I instantly get a Network:
connection refused. This only occurs when I try to SSH into my two OES
boxes, one is file/print, the other runs Groupwise 8. I can SSH into
those two servers from other machines just fine (and have frequently).
However, the one server that DOESN'T work, we're using as a Platespin
Protect server, so it needs to be able to SSH into the two OES boxes,
which we want to protect.

Platespin Server (SSH client)
Server 2008R2
No firewall enabled on any profile
On same subnet
Can SSH into other Linux machines on network
Cannot SSH into SLES 10 servers running OES (connection refused)

SLES 10 / OES Server(s) (SSH Server)
SLES 10 / No apparmor profiles (not installed)
Firewall disabled
hosts.allow set to allow all local hosts
hosts.deny is empty
DNS is configured and working properly

I've tried running /usr/sbin/sshd -d -d -d to increase debugging
output, but nothing registers when I try to connect from the Platespin
server. If I connect from a different machine I do get debugging
output. I don't see anything under /var/log/messages either.

Anyone have any suggestions to test/try/troubleshoot? I'm using putty
as my ssh client and I've never had issues with this before. I think
it's on the SLES side as the Platespin server can ssh just fine to other
hosts on the network, just not the two that it needs to. :P

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