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I use sles 10 sp3 eth0 not workging at 10000mb, at best reaches 200mb.
Would like to ask you a master, you need to update or modify Fireware card linux kernel parameters, etc., expect your reply.
Hi & welcome to the forums!

To be able to advise, we need to know more details, for example;

What's the server brand/model and the what's the brand/model network card?
Is this server OS you are doing the tests on running virtual or physical?
How is the server connected to the network (what type of switch/hub/router)?
Also, how are you testing the speeds? Is the 200Mbit while copying from or to the server? What kind of client(s) (OS version) & which protocol?

You mention 10.000mb, to be sure: do you have a 10Gb nic in the server, or is that a typo?

One of the settings that generally can effect throughput, is the tso setting. One thing you could try (on the server console and can be done on the fly) is to disable it 'ethtool -K tso off' (you can first check the current setting with 'ethtool -k eth0' - small k instead of capital K).


P.s. Also note SLES 10 SP4 is the latest support pack for SLES 10.