Hi All,
I have a desktop on which I have installed SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2 and the Real Time extension.
I have a graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT.
The problem is that I can't get the NVIDIA drivers to work:
When I installed the NVIDIA drivers (304.88), either by package manager or manually, it worked very well on the 'regular' kernel, but when I switched to the RT kernel, I couldn't start the X server and run the desktop:
I got the following error:
suse warning gdmlocaldisplayfactory maximum number of x display failures reached
And when I read the X logs I got the error:
No screens detected
The main reason that I need the NVIDIA drivers is to work with dual display, so I don't care if I install another drivers which are not propriety, but I couldn't find any,
Can anyone tell how can I find correct drivers to work with the RT kernel?
Maybe I need an older version of NVIDIA?