Here is my entire scenario.

We have a physical box running Samba File Server and is acting as the PDC. It is pointing to a separate virtual server for LDAP configuration so all of the users accounts are placed on that server via Yast2.

I am very new to Suse Enterprise server and have been administered to setup a new Samba PDC as a virtual so we can migrate the samba configs off of the older physical box, but leave all the file and shares on the physical box. I have copied over the samba config file to the new server. I was able to NFS mount the file shares to the new virtual server and I can even run a logon script to the new virtual server name and map some network drive shares.

Samba seems to store the machine accounts on the samba server instead of the LDAP server even though we are pointing to that separate server for LDAP. My worry is will I have to rejoin all of these machines to the domain again so they join up to my new Samba virtual server?

Another thought was setting up my new virtual server as a BDC but when I try to select that in yast2 I get "Unable to find suatable server for domain "mydomain".

Can anyone advise me or get my brain spinning in the right direction on how to finish this up?