Finally after almost 2 years of researching over this subject, I have found the answer to this question.
The answer is simple and short: "...use HostAPD in .RPM package format!", because Suse Linux Enterprise Server uses a graphical package management software, and it easily solves all the dependecies (even the driver stack for the WLAN card)...
After that, some command-line (terminal) wizzards done the job very well (questions about how to configure it even about NAT, or Bridged mode)... Some script editing skills were necesary (SSiD and WPA-PSK key configuration) and all the job was done!!!

About the Suse's MASTER MODE: This dosen't work at all even in SUSE LINUX ENTERPRISE SERVER SP3 (I think this function has programming ISSUES - and yes!, it needs to be rewritten (and I wish that shall be replaced with a HostAPD graphical DAEMON) and of course HostAPD supports WPA-PSK, Master mode only WEP! (so, this makes HostAPD much more powerfull!)

Thanks for all your answers guys over this subject! And I wish someone shall give us here a full tutorial on how to install HostAPD on SUSE, and then to mark this subject as SOLVED! I'm very glad that WE ALL came with a conclussion to this question!

God bless you!