Hi guys! I am new to the Linux OS and I seem to understand nothing about it. Recently I sent my laptop for repair and my OS was changed from Windows 7 to SLED 11, which is the factory OS of my computer. All of my data was erased from the laptop (750 GB), so currently I am looking for a data recovery software.

Before anything, can anyone tell me if it is possible to recover any data, as an OS has been deleted and replaced with another one (I had 2 partitions on Win7 and they have been deleted)?

And if so, could you recommend me any software that I can use ON SLED 11 to recover my data or if I have an *.exe recovery software could I run it under Linux with a program called Wine? Would it do the work?

Please anyone who has any suggestions please say.

I will be very grateful if you help me recover my data.