Hi sirguy,
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Thanks Jens. Any idea about those "kdump" files?
I assume you mean i.e. "initrd-": Those are (as all the other initrd files) the contents of the "initial RAM disk", which are loaded automatically when the according kernel is loaded. The "-kdump" versions are created since you have the "kdump crash kernels" configured - a special version of the kernel that is loaded if your regular kernel detects a "kernel crash" and is used to create i.e. analysis data. This is probably the result of installing the "trace" kernel or configuring kdump support, i.e. via "yast kdump".

In short: Only delete the kdump initrd files for such kernels that aren't available in /boot. If you want to get rid of them completely, remove kdump support from your configuration, else those initrds will be automatically recreated with every "mkinitrd" invocation (i.e. kernel update).