> is there a SLED 11 SP3 version?
>Yes, from the download site as usual (http://download.novell.com/) and it
>is not only a patch but it is a full install as usual.

Ok, I see there is an ISO ready for download.

>>if there is that version, where is the package list for SLED 11 SP3?
>> Because I tried the find it but ? could't.
>> I checked this page
>> https://www.suse.com/products/deskto...al-information
>> but there is just until SP2 information.[/color]

>Forwarded internally to see if that can be updated. If nothing else
>perhaps download the ISO and peruse the directories... they are very
>simple to figure out and basically a list of packages in the form of their
>original files.

Fine, should be great if the page can be updated. Many people uses the normal way. Yes, I thought to download to see the packages but that is not the normal way.

Thank you very much.