i have three sles 10 sp4 boxes with apache, and i'm having problems. On
thursday morning, all three boxes installed apache2-2.2.3-16.42.2.x86_64
and the relating packages. This is done automatically via a cron job.

On thursday and friday on all three boxes ran jobs in /etc/cron.daily
(on different times of course). Skripts in this directory are e.g.
On all three boxes logrotate created new accesslogs for apache, and
restarted. Directly afterwards my monitoring-systems starts screaming
that my webservers are not available any longer. Unfortunally i've been
for two days off, in particular thursday and friday. My collegues (they
are scientists and don't know much about systemadministration) didn't
know what to do. They didn't check if httpd was running. They waited for
a time, afterwards they decided to reboot. After reboot everything was
If i'm doing now a manual restart via /etc/init.d/apache2 reload,
everything is going fine.

Is anyone else experiencing problems with the above mentioned apache
update ?


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