I use OS SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2. Now, I install SAP HANA 9.0 on SUSE, but I open terminal and command
./setup.sh /tmp/hanainst /tmp/setuphana.slmodel
I seen on Error:
ERROR: process not started from DVD. Either start it from the DVD or specify the
DVD location with the -d option.

USAGE: ./setup.sh [-d dvd_location] [-c cRef.xml] [-v version] <WORKING_DIRECTORY> <MODEL_FILE>

<WORKING_DIRECTORY> ...: Mandatory parameter that defines the working

directory. Directory MUST be writable / accessible

for the user that started this installer.

<MODEL_FILE> ..........: Mandatory parameter that gives the path to the

model file, where all installation parameters

must be maintained.
If you are not running the installer from the DVD you must specify the DVD
location using the -d switch.

(Now, I don't Install SAP HANA 9.0 on SuSe. Please help me to install it.) Thanks a lot of.