I have an old Proliant ML350 G5 with a HP StorageWorks RDX tape drive and several RDX320 tapes that I want to recycle as a spare NFS/tape backup box. I have SLES 11 SP2 installed on the system. I've ran a dmesg and found out that my drive is showing up as /dev/sda but I can't get the drive to show up on the system. I put in a tape an dtried formatting it with mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda but it says device size reported to be zero and doesn't do anything. If I try mount /dev/sda /mnt/tape, it says /dev/sda is write-protected, mounting read only and can't read superblock.

When I run the lsscsi command, it spits out:

[3:0:0:0] disk HP RDX 3040 /dev/sda