I'm looking at purchasing up to 10 SLED licenses & perhaps 1 SLES; however, after reading a lot of these forum threads, I'm concerned with SLEDs lack of ability to install the most basic of functions (i.e., VLC).

There are two businesses for which I am advocating SLED (dependent on answers to my question), both are artistic/production-based and require industry standard formats with which they can interact (mp3 for audio, etc.).

What, specifically, are missing from the SLED/SLES repositories that are included in the openSUSE repositories? I am looking at several production software packages we would need/like to be installed on each system:

  1. VLC;
  2. MP3 player/editor;
  3. Komodo Pro;
  4. Balsamiq Mockups;
  5. Calligra Office (we much prefer this to Libre/OpenOffice);
  6. Thunderbird;
  7. Wine;
  8. 32-bit runtime libraries (like openSUSE)
  9. Sigil epub editor;
  10. RedNoteBook;
  11. Bitnami;
  12. and a few more I cannot think of at the moment.

Many of these have heavy requirements that must be installed in order to function. Will SLED/SLES be able to handle those requirements through zypper/YaST? Or, would I have to manually manage package dependencies, a la 1995?

The business owners feel more comfortable with a subscription-based support rather than a completely open source-based install; I cannot blame them; and yet, their needs must be met in order for me to proceed. That is why we are looking at SLED instead of openSUSE.

Thank you in advance.