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Thread: Upgrade from SLES11 SP1 to SP3

  1. Upgrade from SLES11 SP1 to SP3


    I'm in a enterprise here there the staff have move a lot over the last year.

    So I'm in a situation where SLES11 SP1 where installed but the registration where not completed correctly.
    Now I finished the activation process yesterday to found that I have a SP3 fully activated but it seem I do not have access to a full SP2 registrated.

    So... it is possible to upgrade from SP1 directly to SP3 without problem ?

    Should I upgrade with the SP2 in trial version first ?


    Franois in Canada

  2. Re: Upgrade from SLES11 SP1 to SP3

    Have a read here;

    But yes, you need to upgrade to SP2 via the media, then to SP3.

    As long as you have an active subscription, it does not matter what SP your at to receive the updates.
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  3. Re: Upgrade from SLES11 SP1 to SP3

    thanks you


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