Hi all
I'm trying to install SLES11 SP3 64 bit from DVD onto an Dell Power Edge 1920 Server Dual Quadcore Xenon CPUs, 32GB memory 300GB SAS RAID1 HD using the onboard PERC6i Raid controller.
Trouble is that I can not get the server to start the installation after booting of DVD.

Now this is pretty much an common server it is certainly not new and driver support not expected therefor, but the SLES11 boots up from DVD and the install dies with no respitories found, apparetly SLES11 looses entirely the DVD drive that it just booted from.
I have spent 2 days crusing Google a other sites, with all kinds of ideas that worked for some but nothing seems to sov my case.

Initial intents was to abandon VmWares high prices and use SLES that I'm very confident of to build cloud and cloud service including virtualization platform for other OSes.
Please help me figure out how in #$%%#$ to make this work, I really want to get out of the complicated and MS/Cisco like licencing scheme.

Cheers Stefan