After I updated my SLED11-SP2 to SP3 via DVD media, I have lost all my repositories, only 3 have left:

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 SP3 (DVD.iso)
nVidia Video Drivers for SLE 11 SP3
ATI Video Drivers for SLE 11 SP3.

All services in Yast are also missing.

last year, I updated SLED11 SP1 to SP2 also via DVD, and all repos were in place.
Recently I successfully updated all packages to the latest ones. Kernel Linux to 3.0.80. Now it is downgraded to 3.0.76.

The only alarming notice I made during the updating procedure - after all packages were installed,
and the system started rebooting, DVD Player failed to reboot and proceed into the next (I think the registration mode),
so I rebooted it from the hard drive, and had no option to reregister with the Novell support centre.

Registering with option
suse_register -d 2 -L/root/.suse_register.log
didn't help.

Is it possible to restore the subscription status (vendor installed SLED)?

Thank you in advance.