I'm migrating a cobol source files of a SCO Unix SLES11. These files have double line boxes (ascii code 200 to 206, as http://www.elcodigoascii.com.ar/), the source files seem to be encoded with ISO-8859.

I need to insert these codes/symbols and display correctly.
I tried with vim and options 'setglobal fenc', 'set fileencodings' and export TERM=ansi, but I'm doing water properly set.

Since vim with ': e + + enc = CP437' looks fine, but I can not insert with Contol+V, it seems that the character map is still non-ascc, as if the type utf8 (I see from ': digraphs')

That's what I should set? vim or the vaiable TERM?

(use translate.google.com )