I am new to SLES, but I am very sure that I like it. I am mostly a GUI/Webmin sort, and for that reason, I especially like this setup.

However, I have an issue with 2 things:

1. My setup is a 40Mbps in / 5Mbps out connection with Static IP and DNS, an Ethernet router, a dedicated machine that has been serving up my sites for 5 years and has been moved twice and has never let me down, ever. But, it is time to replace Fedora 9. I am trying to get this new machine setup so I can replace the old one, and I guess things have changed considerably since I started this time in '08!

I've tried the new Fedora, Debian, Knoppix, openSUSE, even FreeBSD (too CLI ignorant to even bother). CentOS was working fine until I did some upgrades, and my network connection vanished. I cannot get it working with SUSE either.

I don't want NetworkManager (cannot yet find how to uninstall it either), rather the traditional ifup network setup, which I've tried, still with no success. My eth0 keeps being rewritten to a netmask of /24 is about all I can find.

I need some pointers to what surely is a very simple resolution if there are any to be had. There arte no Linux folks available to me here in this town. It's not that the documentation does not hold my answers, rather that I'm dyslexic, and it usually fails me everytime.

My install is on an Intel x86_64 machine from a single clean partition.