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tarzy wrote:

> Pings result in gateway OK, Forums OK, Interface: "destination host
> unreachable".

The fact that you can ping your gateway and hosts on the Internet shows
that your networking is working. Your SLES server can be configured so
that it doesn't respond to "echo requests" (ping) so I wouldn't worry
too much about the local interface at this time.

I would go back to YaST Network Settings and make sure you are using
ifup then test again to make sure everything is still working.

At this point, what issues are you still experiencing?

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Maybe it helped to go scrape paint for a while; anyway, I just opened the "Network wired", and unchecked the box "assign hostname to loopback IP" (although I don't think that was it), then found even though I put it there earlier, I thought, there was nothing in the default gateway. After entering and proceeding, I could tell I was in for something good as YaST mgr. took it's time going through the configs, and vioal! Opened the Browser, and the default homepage is suse.com. Good to go, finally.

I have 3 other questions, but I maybe should ask them in the proper spots in the forum. I'm not much betteer in forums than I am in networking!

An ethics question as to use of the software ________________

an annoyance pertaining to the keyboard ____________________

and how to install an already downloaded updated browser on the old machine _________________________

which I'm writing from. If someone would tell me the spots by each underscores, I'd appreciate it.

Again, thanks to all who gave me their valuable time!