The build service on SuSe Studio worked fine 2 weeks ago, but now it
doesn't compress the image any more
when compiling / building an iso install or iso live disk.

So instead of generating a 3.7 gigabyte iso image file, it generates a
14 gigabyte iso image file that I can't do anything with.
I already made sure that nfs, bzip, and gzip packages are selected and
added in, however it still won't generate a compressed image.
Which I didn't have this problem when building a 64 bit gnome live disk
about 3 weeks ago.

I am trying to make a custom 32 bit KDE install disk, since I heard that
64 bit Linux won't work on Intel processors.
So I was going to make a 32 bit KDE install disk for compatibility
reasons, since most everyone else seems to
use Intel instead of the AMD black processor that I use. And because
some of the packages I want to add
are not available in 64 bit.

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