I'll surmise in advance that I'm in for some serious reading; but acknowledge that I'm always looking for a quicker way out due to a redundant Dyslexia issue that cropped up half a dozen years back.

I am not sure I like the YaST controll of all the things it does, but I'll reserve judgement for a bit later.

So, using YaST Control Center, I got into looking at the modules, and using what I believed to be common sense, started tinkering with enabling a few modules and then encountered this error while YaST was writing/"adjusting" the config: "Cannot adjust Apache2 Service". I went to the extent of disabling all of the modules (not keeping any notes) and nothing I tried would stop this error.

What I initially was looking for in YaST was MySQL, which I know I installed once I fixed my initial Networking Problem. Like a Kid in a Sandbox, I got sidetracked, and here I am!

The beauty of this is that I have my 2 domain's vhosts on my old Fedora 9 rig, which I can examine some items without Danger, and hopefully learn a few things.

Anyhow, while I'm reading in the next few days, if I've posted in the correct spot and anyone has any tips, I'll be happy to have them. Any YaST ones too.

Regards, tarzy...........