Install SLES 11 SP1 using the jfs filesystem on partition /
(root), everything works fine except when you turn the gnu / linux on
forced (power outage).
When this happens, do not run fsck.jfs
at the beginning and the gnu does not start, showing the error:

Waiting for device /dev/sda2 to Appear: ok
mount-o rw, default,-t jfs /dev/sda2 /root
mount wrong fs type bad option bad superblock on
Could not mount root file system exiting to /bin/sh

the /etc/fstab has
/dev/sda2 / jfs defaults 1 1

I searched online but could not find where you set
to force the fsck, just found the jfs filesystem is no longer
supported by SLES 11 SP1.
That filesytems jfs not have official support for me okay (I'll
settle for kernel support), but I do not like me to choose: (
Curiosity kills me where to set this up ..

The solution to this is to enter cdlive and execute a fsck.jfs

Any idea where to look? or find it online? (I
run out of ideas)

Thank you, and forgive me not get along with Google Translate

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