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Hi lpphiggp,,

> I'm keeping my eye on that for now, but first, there's also a change log tab, I'm going through that to see if they specifically mention anything about the fusion drivers.

another bit of information can be gotten via "modinfo mptbase.ko" (or any other module, of course) - it will list the "version" of the module, which is independent of the version of kernel it is compiled against. Comparing the two systems, you can speculate how close these two drivers are "apart".

And you may of course try to look up the driver source (SP3 reports GPL source for this driver ) and check for the according change logs as well.

Hi Jens,

Okay, that's weird.. Both test and problem server report

So.. no difference...? except on the working test server, typing mptbase.ko returns an error, while dropping the ".ko" makes it return info.
Oh, now they both do that. *shrug*

One good thing.. it says it's **supported**.
But I still haven't heard back from the Novell tech once I told him it's working on other systems.

ProblemServer:~ # modinfo mptbase.ko
ERROR: modinfo: could not open mptbase.ko: No such file or directory
newctrp:~ #
newctrp:~ # modinfo mptbase
filename: /lib/modules/3.0.93-0.5-default/kernel/drivers/message/fusion/mptbase.ko
license: GPL
description: Fusion MPT base driver
author: LSI Corporation
srcversion: 52E0AD7917DF41317427A05
supported: yes
vermagic: 3.0.93-0.5-default SMP mod_unload modversions
parm: mpt_msi_enable_spi: Enable MSI Support for SPI controllers (default=0) (int)
parm: mpt_msi_enable_fc: Enable MSI Support for FC controllers (default=0) (int)
parm: mpt_msi_enable_sas: Enable MSI Support for SAS controllers (default=0) (int)
parm: mpt_channel_mapping: Mapping id's to channels (default=0) (int)
parm: mpt_debug_level: debug level - refer to mptdebug.h - (default=0)
parm: mpt_fwfault_debug:Enable detection of Firmware fault and halt Firmware on fault - (default=0) (int)
ProblemServer:~ #