We are having issues with losing communication with the scsi card that
is attached to our Qualstar tape library. I am not sure where I should
go to try to resolve this problem. The hardware is a HP Proliant
DL380G6 and the card is a LSI Symbios Logic 53C1030. The mptspi version
is Here are the error messages in dmesg regarding the
communication problem.

[ 876.333335] st0: Block limits 1 - 16777215 bytes.
[ 2660.514511] mptscsih: ioc0: attempting task abort!
[ 2660.514515] st 0:0:1:0: CDB: Write(6): 0a 00 00 80 00 00
[ 2660.642305] mptscsih: ioc0: task abort: FAILED (rv=2003)
(sc=ffff88007be00e80) (sn=18575)
[ 2660.642312] mptscsih: ioc0: attempting target reset!
[ 2660.642315] st 0:0:1:0: CDB: Write(6): 0a 00 00 80 00 00
[ 2661.020839] mptscsih: ioc0: target reset: SUCCESS
[ 2661.039760] st0: Error 80000 (driver bt 0x0, host bt 0x8).

I have just applied the most current patches to the server and still no
luck. The problem started happening when I applied patches back on
September 1st. I'm not sure what I can do to determine the
kernel/config from before that day.

Any ideas??



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