Hello all.

I have been thrown into the waters of the SLES environment...keeping head above water, but, I am in need of some assistance.

I'd like to get into the world of CRON on SLES, but am really struggling. I have no idea how to even start. I am familiar with
CRON a little bit from the Netware days.

Are there any good references that will step me through from the very beginning, I mean baby steps so I can start to get the hang of how to
use CRON and start automating some processes in SLES. I am trying to find examples that I can "see" the results to know if I am doing it right.
As I said, I am very new to the entire process.

At this point it appears I have SLES 10. sp2 OES2 and SLES 11 sp2 OES 11, and SLES 11 sp3 to manage.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!