I have Webmin, Apache, & MySQL all working nicely; they all function perfect in every way. I mention in the admin subforum that I was not going to use YaST, which I have not.

Here is my current problem: Webmin is using port 9001, as 10000 is for the online machine accepting requests for the public html directory on port 80. I know that this Apache server (2.2.12) has SSL enabled; I think it's the SSH module (OpenSSH_6.2), and I just this minute see that an earlier variant (5.1) is also running on my current server. I do not use any SSL functions in my working setup, and my site operates from a sub directory vis-a-vis.com/subdir, which then hands off to my SSL gateway provider for CC processing. Works like a charm.

In 2008-early 09, I had several Linux boxes set up, testing Ubuntu, CentOS, and Fedora, which was what I kept and ported to the web. I was able to test them all on my LAN using their internal IPs, and they all 3 worked flawlessly. Now, I cannot seem to get consistency with this new setup. I know that I did change the default Apache index page to one I made, which just says: "It Works".

So, after some analysis of the working Fedora setup using Webmin, and also on this new rig, (for consistency) I cannot access it using the LAN IP: I'm going to look around until I find it, but right now it does not give me access, and a week ago it did. I'm at the point of testing a new PHP shopping cart, which from this point on will be my main directory. BTW, I have 2 virtual servers, properly setup, and my error for either is "404". I'm going to start by checking how to get network results in the terminal, netstat or something like that.
At least I haven't wrecked anything!