I have dowloaded the program, phpMyAdmin 4.0.7 (for purposes of administering MySQL for a PHP Shopping Cart/CMS I'm fond of), and seem to be unable to install it; YaST is what I'm resigned to in that instance, and when it arrives at the point of "conflict" asking me to proceed at the risk of some "dependencies" problem or "break" it, I chicken out.

What I would prefer is to install it via the terminal. I cannot seem to find the correct command to succeed. At this point, I would prefer to develop my install routines from the terminal exclusively, and I could use some "standard tips" to accomplish this.

Not having had these issues before with my old Linux distro (Fedora 9), I'm going to have to sort of start over when it comes to SLES. It is worth taking my lumps though, I can tell it's the basis of an extremely stout Internet Server.

Also, I feel I should remove YaST for the time being, but I'm not sure how to accomplish this either.

Regards, tarzy