Thanks, I posted to your other reply it has been resolved.

Now if I could get this SLES 11SP3 machine working. I should mention I did locate this Valentina Studio app (for MySQL administering), and found it may be useful.

So, to update where I'm at, vhost 1 displays an index page by internal static IP addy, and vhost 2 displays an index page by internal staic IP addy/vhost 2 directory/index.html......this tells me if I switched it over to port 80, we could all see it on the Web. So, after the Cubecart experience, my hunch is that my failures to get PHP CMS/Shopping Carts working on SLES is likely related to some minor database impropriety.

Interesting to note that I had Opencart working on this very machine 7-8 weeks ago with CentOS 6.4. I just thought Opencart (based on OSCommerce) was way too laborious for a site that maybe has 100 items to sell.

I came to SUSE because of a bad CAT 5 cable, but I'm determined it is far and away the best for my new server. What I sell are Guitar Lessons, and I have some that are available for digital delivery, which I'm very excited about.

If I only had 6-12 days to sit at the machine for 4-6 hours a day, I can solve this eventually.

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Hi tarzy,

have you seen this message?

I don't know a bit about CubeCart, but I'm sure you can make something of that reference to the configuration file