we are evaluating SLES11SP3 and face the following issue:
We are trying a fresh installation. The first step works perfectly, RAID controller and logical disk successfully recognized.
After first reboot, the machine cannot boot, just states nothing when trying to boot from harddisk and stops.

Problem narrowed down:
We have a disk bigger than 2 TB, so found the section in the SP3 release notes stating:
"Booting from Harddisks larger than 2 TiB in Non-UEFI Mode (with GPT) fails."
There are three possible options that should solve the issue, we tried option 2:
"Use a separate /boot partition. This partition must be one of the first 3 partitions and end below the 2 TiB limit".

We did so, but unfortunately this does not help.

With a SLES11SP2 fresh installation, everything works fine, with the same hardware and the same settings.

Any help appreciated.