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Our server has SLES 11 SP2 suse version. I'm a newbie for suse. I was not aware of difference between opensuse & suse-enterprise update repos ,accidentally I had added open suse repo "zypper addrepo --check --name 'openSUSE-11.2-Update' http://download.opensuse.org/update/11.2/ repo-update"

and updated using zypper update.

I want to downgrade the system and reset the packages to SLES 11 SP2 only. I also want to know about the essential update & bugfix online repos for the same SLES 11 SP2 version.

I have iso files as :


How can I use the iso's and downgrade the updates ?

Please guide me to troubleshoot this and also the relevant links as well.
I'd opt to go for the "zypper dup" route to fix things. From "man zypper":
dist-upgrade (dup) [options]
Perform a distribution upgrade. This command applies the state of (specified) repositories onto the system; upgrades (or even downgrades) installed packages to versions found in repositories, removes packages that are no longer in the repositories
and pose a dependency problem for the upgrade, handles package splits and renames, etc.

If no repositories are specified via --from or --repo options, zypper will do the upgrade with all defined repositories. This can be a problem if the system contains conflicting repositories, like repositories for two different distribution releases.
This often happens if one forgets to remove an older release repository after adding a new one, say openSUSE 11.1 and openSUSE 11.2.

To avoid the above trouble, you can specify the repositories from which to do the upgrade using the --from or --repo options. The difference between these two is that when --repo is used, zypper uses only the specified repositories, while with
--from zypper can also use the rest of the enabled repositories to satisfy package dependencies.
But before you're running that command, looking at the current repository list is a good idea, especially as you're asking for the SLES update repositories.

To get access to the update repositories, you have to register your SLES system with the "Novell Customer Center" (NCC) - you have been asked to do so during installation, and if you had decided to enter no license key, you can repeat that step by invoking YaST (i.e. from the command line via the "yast" command) an selecting "support" - "Novell Customer Center Configuration" and following the instructions. Running this configuration will also add the proper entries to your repository configuration.

All configured repositories are shown when you run "zypper lr" on the command line.

In case you decide not to register, you will have access to your installation media only, but this would at least get things back to "SP2 level". You typically only need the DVD1 images of SLES11SP2 and SLES11SP"-SDK - so don't worry if there are only these two disks registered as repositories.

To identify all packages installed via your opensuse repository, call "zypper search -r <repos alias>", giving the alias name (or index number) of the opensuse repos as listed in "zypper lr". Keep that list for future reference

Once registered (or not), you could run "zypper dup --from <repos alias> --from <repos alias> ...", naming the SLES repository aliases from "zypper lr". This is similar to the step documented in https://www.suse.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7010200 ("Update via patches" - "2) Update by using zypper" - bullets 11 & 12 "Check the repositories using 'zypper lr'.[...]".

After that is completed, you could check again if there are packets from the opensuse repos left installed (because of dependencies during your "opensuse update") and delete these via "rpm -e <packetname>".

Instead of "repair updating" to SP2, you might take this as an opportunity to upgrade to SP3, which is the current version (see https://www.suse.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7012368 - again "2) Update by using zypper", but run the full list this time) This of course will only work if you a) register your system and b) there's no third-party dependency on SP2, which might dictate you to stay at SP2...