A couple of thoughts come to mind.

1. Put the RPM in a repository that you build somewhere, like on a home
server or something, and then point SUSE Studio to that repository. Add
the RPM from there then continue on your way building an appliance into
ISO/USB/whatever format.

2. Build your kernel within the Open Build Service (OBS) which is linked
in very closely with SUSE Studio, and then add your RPM from your
repository within OBS, so the same as #1 but using OBS instead of your own
server. The downside is you need to get OBS to build your RPM for you,
whereas #1 uses your existing RPM. The upside is you do not need your own

3. In your appliance where you built the kernel install it (I know, you
do not want to) and then build your ISO/UsB/etc. from there. Create a
duplicate SUSE Studio project before doing this so you can "roll back" to
your current, older-kernel version afterward.

Good luck.

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