Are you sure the port/patch cord is good? Plug in a known working
computer and see.


kirtikjr;2132781 Wrote:
> Hi all,
> I cant get the SUSE 10 64 bit machine to communicate.
> I gave a static ip to it.
> I have 3 other windows machine on the same lan which can communicate
> thru the gateway and DNS servers, not this one.
> I get a response "network not reachable"
> everytime I restart, it opens up the Network configuration screen. I
> tried going with Network manager and traditional method both. still not
> pingable.
> I can ping localhost.
> when I click on computer icon, i can see the in the bottom right menu
> about network status, it shows connected to none, (or sometimes vmnet1,
> i have vmware running too)

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