Hi to all the nice folks!

So I have n e-mail server that was running on my main webwork Windows box for around 2 months.....loved it, too wonderful for words. As you might suspect, it's a *tar.gz download. Now here's what happens: It fails installation by file-roller, install/remove software, and using the terminal on this machine. If anyone has a workaround for this I'm all ears! Oops, the failure message is one I've encountered before, and somehow figured out, but this on is stuck "Installation failed because vis-a-vis.tar.gz is not a valid RPM file".

The app is XEAMS (Extended email and Messaging), this one in particular is 64-bit Linux. It does require Java virtual machine, which I think I have; at least I did see I have 32 & 64-bit JRE installed.

As soon as I can figure out a WYSIWYG web editor that works as well as Adobe Dreamweaver, I'm going to setup another machine with SLED. My server went down due to a WIN 8 "update" that vaporized my desktop, I failed to do a bit of research (hindsight), and chose "refresh my PC", which kep everything except all the downloaded apps. I tried to get this working again, but to no avail. I never could get Sendmail working with a client on my current machine, Fedora 9, so I used my ISP's email system for 5 years, now changing to Charter, their techs are nice enough, but entry level, so both of my domains currently have no e-mail, which is why I'm going to set this one up. I still have one other issue left, which is the only pages I can display on my LAN are index.html, or whatever *.htm pages I create, and both my sites are going to be PHP CMS.

Regards, tarzy