This is not your typical remote control for tech support - I have ZCM
11 for that. We have the following need. A user is working at their
desk, has a lot of files open including 3D models. User needs to talk
to a few people about the project while referencing everything on
their screen. Currently those people squeeze into the user's cubicle.
Works, but hardly ideal. What we would like to do is have some
computers setup in larger meeting areas. These computers would have
much larger monitors to facilitate group meetings. Rather than
exiting out of everything at their own PC and then opening it all on
the meeting area PC, we would prefer that the user could just mirror
their PC onto the meeting area PC.

One thought was that the user could mirror their screen to the meeting
room computer and bring the wireless keybd/mouse that is controlling
their own PC. But I don't think we can get keybd/mouse combos that
would transmit far enough for that - we could be 50-75 feet away.

So that means some type of remote control app, but I would want to
make it easy for the user to find and connect to their PC from the
meeting room PC. This will all happen within our LAN, so I don't need
some web-based service. And we will be manipulating 3D files, so I
need something that can handle a lot of video.

Anyone have any suggestions?