On Wed 30 Oct 2013 03:14:02 PM CDT, castedo wrote:

The following packages are found in the 'SUSE Linux Enterprise Software
Development Kit 11 SP3' and 'SLE11-SDK-SP3-Pool' repositories:
* gcc43
* gcc43-c++
* gcc43-fortran
* gcc43-java
* gcc47
* gcc47-c++
* gcc47-java

BUT NOT gcc47-java.

I am trying to compile C++ with gcc 4.7 that uses the Java JNI
(including jni.h) and I have been using the gcc-java package to provide

What are my options for getting this working on SLES 11 SP3? Will
gcc47-java show up soon?

It's all OpenJDK 7 now as SUN(Oracle) Java is removed fro SP3.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° SUSE Knowledge Partner (Linux Counter #276890)
SLED 11 SP3 (x86_64) GNOME 2.28.0 Kernel 3.0.93-0.8-default
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