abfreakz wrote:

> can anyone help me, i have a problem with SLES 10,
> if i turn on the server, the i insert the login and password, after that
> the server always freeze
> i can't doing anything, the cursor also freeze
> i already try to repair the SLES 10, but still can't solve the problem
> is it possible if i upgrade to SLES 11.4?

Since SLES11 SP3 is currently the latest version of SLES11 available your
reference to "SLES 11.4" makes me wonder whether perhaps you have openSUSE
(which was previously referred to as SUSE Linux) and not SLES (although
latest version of openSUSE is 12.3 with 13.1 waiting in the wings).

I'd normally ask you to post the output from "cat /etc/*release" but that
might not possible given the above. Are you able to SSH into the server
after its frozen?

If you don't log in immediately does the server still freeze? i.e. is the
server freezing for another reason rather than the login causing it?

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