Hi everyone. I'm trying to updame my SLES 11 SP3 for VMware and I'm getting the error in the title. Can anyone from SLES team correct this?
Here are a few more details:

Building repository 'SLES11-SP3-VMware-Pool' cache [done]
Error building the cache:
[|] Failed to cache repo (4).
- 'repo2solv.sh' '-o' '/var/cache/zypp/solv/nu_novell_com:SLES11-SP3-VMware-Pool/solv' '/var/cache/zypp/raw/nu_novell_com:SLES11-SP3-VMware-Pool'
error, the repository specifies extra information about package with checksum '86fe64c48f8a2e6e50e0136b0e0284888933f795054453e9b cd3618d298362ad', which does not exist in the repository.

Skipping repository 'SLES11-SP3-VMware-Pool' because of the above error.