Hi all,
please can anyone help me in the below, i am new to Linux, i usually worked with Solaris.
I need to apply some kind of complexity on all users created (and that will be created) on my SLES server, the complexity should compromise the below:
1- The length of the password must be at least eight ( 08) characters; and should be a combination of alphanumeric and special characters. Users should not choose passwords that can be easily guessed , such as their names, the names of their spouses or parents, dictionary words, phone numbers, dates, or common words as aaabbb, qwerty, 1234, 1111 and the words derived from the name of the company
2- The history of passwords must be set at least ten (10).
3- The life of password must be set to ninety (90) days. A reminder should be sent to the user in (07) days before the expiration of the password. Account must be locked if password expired.
4- The systems must be configured to lock the user account if there was more than five (05 ) consecutive invalid login attempts. The user's account must be locked for at least ten (10) minutes and can be unlocked automatically or manually by the administrator.

i have configured the above in solaris successfully, but i am lost in the large number of files that i should edit in OpenSUSE or SLES,
please your help is so much appreciated