I've been trying to configure a 2 node cluster as active/active and I'm not sure what the correct settings are for each resource.

Background: single shared storage formatted ocfs2. primitive resource dlm and o2cb setup as a group and clone.
sharedfs to mount the shared storage, also setup as a clone. stonith setup as a clone.
ClusterIP setup as a clone.
Apache service setup as a clone.

The trouble I'm having is the ClusterIP clone. From several docs that I've read state to set clone-max=2, clone-node-max=2, globally-unique=true. But the cluster isn't responding as correctly. If I restart a node (simulate a failure) the ClusterIp appears twice on the same node (the one that is still up). I have to restart the ClusertIp for it to start on each node again.

I can't seem to to find the right settings to make this work correctly.