doing a console login with my default user (not with root) , bash hangs for 15 long seconds, then returns with the message :

pam_mount password:

mount error(113). no route to host
refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page ( mount cifs)

basically when i log in , the system attempts to mount a windows share which is always down , hence the long timeout and waste of time, and the final "no route to host".

now, i am clueless about why bash (or login?)attempts to mount a resource listed with noauto in /etc/fstab : erasing the line from fstab won't cure this error either.
im pretty positive about the fact that i didn't make this setup _on purpose..._ so i don't know how to reverse this situation. and this is very, very annoying

this problem is present just with one user so i assume that the culprit config file must be in my home directory, checked ~/.bashrc and ~/.profile but can't find hints about what's going on and why.

help very appreciated... im kinda lost.