I have two servers running SLES11SP1 Xen kernel on S3420GP motherboard
with 2 integrated Intel LAN interfaces - 82574L and 82578DM configured
for LACP 802.3ad bonding. The switch ports are also configured for LACP,
and port statistics show that one port is mostly sending, another
mostly receiving packets on both severs. So I feel it as a kind of load
The third SLES11SP1 server is running normal kernel and is configured
as iSCSI target for both Xen servers. It has SuperMicro X7SPA-H-O
motherboard with 2x Intel 82574L Gigabit LAN interfaces also configured
for LACP 802.3ad bonding. But switch port statistics show that one port
is nearly idle the whole time while another is loaded with both RX and
TX packets. No load balancing of any kind because only one port is
If I disconnect the busy port, load goes to the idle one, so connection
is fault tolerant.

Is it possible to push anyhow the load balancing on this bond?

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