On Fri, 20 Dec 2013 08:36:01 +0000, maiar wrote:

> I will have to try another day, for SuseStudio is under maintenance in
> the server I'm trying to connect to at the moment.

No problem.

> I then Googled how to
> ssh into SuseStudio because I unfortunately have never ssh'ed into
> anything yet despite a few years of Linux user experience, and it came
> up with instructions on SuseStudio which (again) is under maintenance.

When you enable networking in Test Drive, the page gives you the command
to enter. Just copy and paste.

> I
> will have to test the escape during boot and ssh, init 3, init 5 later.
> Sorry for the delay. When I get the chance, did you press escape first
> thing, during the boot selection screen, loading screen, or boot screen
> (the names of the screenshots in the second link I posted give these
> frames of reference)? If I do get ssh to reproduce the GUI like you did,
> is ssh possible during live installation on a real machine in order for
> me to actually use this appliance?

The ssh option here is specific to SUSE Studio test drive - it lets you
get into the machine before its network is enabled.

I got past the grub2 menu, so pressed escape after the image came up
indicating the system was booting - as on a real system, so I could see
where the boot process was hanging up.


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