KBOYLE;2157479 Wrote:
> Hi Willem,
> This server is the firewall -and- router (FW_ROUTE="yes"). The firewall
> rules determine what gets through to where.
> I was more interested in learning whether routing -between subnets on
> the same interface- could be enabled other than by using a depreciated
> option. Other than that, it appears to be working as expected. The issue
> would still be present had I used two private subnets.
> I guess I'm just learning about the limitations of SuSEfirewall2. I
> suspect I'll have to start working with iptables to implement additional
> capabilities.
> Thanks!

Hey Kevin,

The routing switch I mean is in the network configuration... and I
thought unrelated to the SuSEfirewall, and something within the Linux
network stack itself. Now you mention it, it's something I need to take
a closer look at

Thanks for the thanks... but it's apparent you have a better clue what
you are doing here then I have. :P


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